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Mini Squad

This group is arranged according to ability within a squad known as the Seals.


These 45 minute sessions concentrate on stroke development and refinement. Children must be able to swim 100m freestyle non-stop with good style, 100m backstroke, 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly . We recommend 2 sessions a week. RLSSA Award: Junior Swim and Survive.

Junior Squad

This group is arranged according to ability within a squad known as the Dolphins. There is the option of attending a 60 minute AM and/or a 45 minute PM session.


This level is for children who are competent in all four strokes and have a reasonable degree of fitness. These sessions are designed to refine and develop all strokes as well as building strength and stamina. Dolphins are expected to attend at least two sessions per week in order to achieve continued improvement. RLSSA Award: Junior Swim and Survive 6.

Senior Squads

These are 90 minute sessions and are grouped accordingly, within a squad known as the Junior and Senior Sharks.

Marlins & Sharks

These sessions are designed for students, aged 11-18 years, who wish to improve and specialise in their strokes and overall fitness with serious training and competition. The emphasis here is on building strength and stamina, as well as preparing those students aiming for top-level competition. We recommend anything from 3-7 sessions a week and this would need to be discussed with the coach prior to commencing training. RLSSA Award: Senior Swim and Survive.

For those swimmers wishing to compete, we recommend Tivoli Swim Club. This provides racing at a club level every Friday fortnight and also allows a swimmer to further his or her racing at a metropolitan, state or national level of competition, both in Summer and Winter.


Swimming for Parents


Nutrition for Swimmers