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Learn to Swim

Turtles 30 mins

These classes develop water confidence, safety and coordination. This level is for children with little to no water experience. Children are introduced to floating, kicking, dogpaddling, blowing bubbles and submerging. RLSSA Awards: Infant Aquatics 1 & 2.

Starfish 30 mins

These classes are for children who are confident off the bubble and strong dog paddlers. At this level, children are confident to have their faces in the water. They are comfortable with floating on their fronts and backs. RLSSA Awards: Infant aquatics 3,4 & 5; S & S Developing Water Awareness D2.

Platypus 30 mins

These classes are designed to introduce children to the basic swimming strokes. It is for children beginner overarm, backstroke and breaststroke. They will be confident with kick, gliding and gain confidence with diving. This group is a preparation for squad style swimming and due to it’s content, children may often remain here for a longer period than previous groups. RLSSA Awards: S & S Developing water awareness D2, Water Awareness, Developing Water Sense D3, Water Sense 3.

Snappers 30 mins

This level is for children who are able to swim 25m freestyle non-stop with good breathing and 25m backstroke and breaststroke. Butterfly is introduced and swimming drills and distance is increased. We recommend 2 sessions a week. RLSSA Award: S & S Water Wise 4.


Swimming for Parents


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